Friday, February 09, 2007

New adventures in cookie politics 

Remember the uproar that cookies might be demeaning when used for political messages? Wendy McElroy reported back then that at some places leftists threw down and stomped on "affirmative action cookies".
When the leftists began making threats, one of the cookie rebels had called the police because he feared the discussion -- hitherto civil -- might turn violent. Chambers explained, "Unfortunately, rather than step in and arrest our attackers, the police stood by while the University said we, the peaceful ones, had to shut down because WE were creating an unsafe environment. ... Our protests that the CRs were peacefully demonstrating while the leftists got violent fell upon deaf ears."

The university allowed a handful of violent students to decide which political views could or could not be expressed on campus.
The president of the University of Washington's Board of Regents referred to the CRs bake sale there as "tasteless" and "hurtful".

Well, his reaction to a bake sale on campus here this week might want to re-investigate that.
The buttons are pretty standard fare for your guerrilla feminist, but the cookie to the left is a new creation. Note the strategic position of the heart-shaped candy on the cookie. How clever! How daring!

Here we are today, on a campus where there's another outbreak of moronic whining after someone advertising for a foundation created out of the death of a child to cancer, because the advertisement referred to two hockey tickets being sold at a benefit for the foundation as being between SCSU and the UND Fighting Sioux. That provokes our old friend Miss Median to ask that we "show enough respect to the native peoples of Minnesota and the Great Plains to refer simply to the "UND" hockey team..." But people can walk right by a group selling cl*t cookies to promote a political message, sponsored by an organization funded by public funds, and the passing crowd yawns at the scene.

Nobody on this campus will find this at all abnormal.

Most will find it acceptable.

I will not.

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