Friday, January 12, 2007

Why not just make it a graded assignment? 

Another of those annoying notes we get from the union:
The Minnesota State University Student Association and the Minnesota State College Student Association are hosting their biannual Rally Day at the State Capitol; a day for students to voice their support for higher education funding.

We are asking for that you consider helping to in support Rally Day in any of the following ways. As students and faculty are united on issues, we ask that you might consider the following:
  • Include Rally Day on your class syllabi
  • Do not punish students for missing scheduled class time to attend Rally Day in St. Paul
  • Announce Rally Day in your classes on the first class of the semester
  • Allow students to make brief presentations in your classrooms about Rally Day
Email us if you would like a student to give a presentation in you class.
Write me down as someone not united in the push to grab more tax dollars.