Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where else would you have her speak? 

Am I thrilled that Cyndy Sheehan is coming to campus? No, not exactly. But I think college campuses are fine places for Sheehan to speak. She will find a very sympathetic audience at St. Cloud State -- which says nothing about Sheehan and a whole lot about St. Cloud State. And I don't think Leo means for her not to be allowed to speak. It will be interesting to see if she has some staged event elsewhere on campus, though, as the campus has a speech zone policy and she may run afoul of it. Maybe campus security could hire a few of those Capitol Hill cops?

So if Blue Star parents like Leo show up, do you think they'd pull a Columbia Minuteman protest?

Sheehan is part of an annual event on our campus called NOVA Week, where NOVA stands for Non-Violent Alternatives (I'm still working on the O). I've spoken at one of their events, on vegetarianism. It is the usual mishmash of leftism, from animal rights to GLBT-LSMFT to the School of the Americas nonsense. Again, nothing wrong with this -- it is in fact a chance for sunlight to be shone onto some of our more rabid faculty. The problem is that the left does not wish to engage a real debate. They want a theater, not a lecture hall.