Friday, January 12, 2007

Iraq - Our Soldiers Know 

In previous posts, I've reviewed our wonderful session with Mike, the young NG soldier home on leave from Iraq. This is the last post on this topic.

When asked about politicians, Mike's responses was, "Some agree, some don't agree".

However, when asked about support, "We know Americans support us. We get so much stuff from individuals, scout groups, churches, schools. What we don't use we give to the Iraqis."

He related the story of receiving school supplies, candy, books, etc. After giving an Iraqi student a notebook and pencil, the youth said, "Now my teacher won't yell at me because I have these. Thank you!"

Mike's unit also made basic desks and chairs for a school. They set up a water system in a more remote town.

The list continued. The mainstream media (MSM) doesn't want us to know about these kinds of activities. They have decided we're the bad guys. Well, we're not. Mike and his unit are doing what they can to help. The Iraqis do have to take ownership and it will be painful. But as I stated before, too much of that part of the world wants us dead. We've tried everything else over the past 100 years (money, talking, tolerance of thugs as leaders, etc.) and nothing else has worked. We don't need to be attacked again. We have to give them the chance. If they blow it, it won't be because we didn't try to make it happen.