Thursday, January 11, 2007

Europe, Wake Up! 

Tonight, my husband and I attended a concert by the Minnesota Orchestra. It has been years since went but it was worth it.

Any of you following classical music know that there has been a push the last few years for modern classical. Sorry, in my book, "modern" is not "classical". The sound is dissonant, edgy, sharp, sometimes even nerve-wracking. I don't like it. Perhaps because I have a musical ear, it grates on me more than others. Dorati's composition played tonight was technically good but musically, well....

The rest of the program - wonderful: Liszt; Brahms; Berlioz; Tchaikovsky. I'd forgotten how powerful so much of the music of 19th century European composers is/was. What we heard tonight was rich, massive; it resonated internally and externally.

It would be nice if Europe would re-discover its musical heritage. It is truly awesome! Living in a culture that provides such entertainment is another reason to have pride in the west.