Monday, January 08, 2007

The better than good book 


Washington D.C. (January 6, 2007) -- In a controversy that eerily mirrors the recent dispute over a congressman's use of the Koran, several Christian representatives have asked to be sworn in on the best-seller, The Purpose Driven Life.

"We were asked to use the most meaningful text in our life," said Rep. John T. McGruder of Colorado Springs, from his state's seventh district. �And, as far as I can see, my Pastor preaches more from Rick Warren than the Bible."

McGruder and Rep. James R. Newhell of Wheaton (R-Ill) both petitioned Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to be allowed to use the famous evangelical guidebook in the swearing in ceremony at the Capitol.

Reactions from other Congressman and public figures were mixed.

"I see no reason not to allow others to use their own books -- as long as ALLAH AKBAR!" shouted Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn). Rep. Ellison, who is a Muslim, had requested to use the Koran for his swearing in ceremony and is, apparently, the inspiration for the requests from Representatives McGruder and Newhell.

Well-known talk show host Dennis Prager was among those who roundly condemned Rep. Ellison�s request. Prager, who is Jewish, was also opposed to the use of The Purpose Driven Life.

"I don�t understand why a Christian wouldn�t use the Bible, especially an evangelical,� Prager asked rhetorically. �Do they think they've used up all the material there?"

Other evangelicals welcome the change.

"This open-mindedness is truly godly," said Lincoln Bradford, pastor and noted praise-song author. "I hope eventually they'll use more personally inspiring items � worship music CDs, Ron Dicianni paintings, the �Foot Prints in the Sand� poem. This country and the modern church were founded on a christian�s right to have a personalized relationship with God � regardless of what�s in the Bible."
Source. Forwarded to me by my pastor.