Friday, November 10, 2006

So, where's the whining? 

For the past three elections we have listened to the left whine, moan and complain: hanging chads, "confusing ballots" (which second graders were smart enought to use without help); minorities being disenfranchised (in cities controlled by Democrats); extended votings hours - the list goes on.

The Dems win, no whine. No, it's not because the voting system changed, it's simply that this time, they won. If the Dems ever manage to work with others, be gracious in defeat, we truly will have come together as a nation. Until then, their constant whining, moaning and blaming will continue to divide us.

Now, though, they are responsible for our security and our soldiers. They who have done everything they can to make our soldiers' lives difficult by refusing to free funds to keep our guys safe. They who, along with their MSM mouthpiece, aided and abetted our enemy. (Remember, we don't cut off people's heads.) Who's in charge now? What will happen?

We still have the world's best military. It not only is comprised of intelligent individuals (not that "blame, cut and run" Kerry would recognize this). It is comprised of men and women who understand the roles and responsibilities of being an American. They have learned what and who we are. Unfortunately, too many on the left do not know or comprehend the real America - why? 35 years of "bash America" education and a media with no courage to give facts that are against their pre-ordained agenda. Well, now they're responsible - perhaps they will grow up.