Monday, November 13, 2006

Sioux to play 

The University of North Dakota has successfully obtained a preliminary injunction against the NCAA's ban on its hosting of a postseason game. UND is likely to host a Division II football playoff game a week from Saturday, and the judge ruled that the school would be irreparably harmed if the ban was in place while the court case was being decided.

The NCAA, which designed its policy to avoid a confrontation in court, issued a written statement saying it still expected to prevail.

"We are disappointed in the preliminary ruling but will continue to defend the NCAA's right and responsibility to enact guidelines in the best interest of our member schools, our student-athletes and our fans," the statement said.

Trial is expected in April, meaning that if the injunction holds UND's hockey team will be able to host a WCHA and NCAA playoff game, as well as the other winter sports. This decision may have implications for the University of Illinois as well.