Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A rare catblog 

For those of you who wait patiently for dogblogging of the darling Buttercup of the Banaian clan, your wait will end soon. Littlest has taken to picturing the Boston Terrorist in many poses, and has uploaded some pictures for you all. We'll share them on Fridays throughout December.

To make penance for our failure to put up pets before now, we offer a midweek look at the other pet of the house. This is Pepper, who adopted us through our porch door three years ago. He just sat there waiting for us to break down, a good judge of character.

Buttercup doesn't let Peru (short for Pepperoo, as he is more often called here) up on the main floor often, so this is a special scene for him to be posed near the front door. The basement doesn't make for good pictures, so you won't see much of the P-boy. He is probably half domestic short-hair and half Burmese, given his temperament and odd voice. He's more a lapdog than Buttercup, and interfered with my writing up this post last night by jumping onto me while this picture uploaded.

Littlest doesn't play with dolls; she dresses up the animals.