Friday, November 03, 2006

Pat Kessler joins the pirates 

My radio producer, Matt Reynolds, is a sports radio addict. While listening last night, he heard something he wished to share.
On KFAN Thursday with Dan Barriero, a caller asked Pat Kessler about Keith Ellison and that race as he had not heard much about it. The went on to say that he had a hard with Ellison because he was Muslim and that Muslims were responsible for 9/11. This drew quick criticism from Dan "Only when I disagree, You Can't Paint Everyone with the Same Brush" Barriero. Then came the golden moment as Pat Kessler's response was one for the ages. There are many different things that can be "said about not voting for someone based on religion." Let's ponder for a moment. I believe on Saturday, just 5 short days ago, this fraud attacked Michele Bachmann(R) for belonging to a "church that believes that the Pope is the anti-christ." And then turning to her opponent, Patty Wetterling(D) and ASKING her,"Assuming that this is true, WHY SHOULD ANY CATHOLIC VOTE" FOR YOUR OPPONENT. Seems to me like someone conveniently forgot what he did was the same thing that the caller did on KFAN.
So let's review. Voting against Ellison for Hamas' views on the existence of Israel is bigotry. Voting against Bachmann for her Lutheran church's views on the pope is ... promoting the separation of church and state.

Right. Gotcha. No better than pirates.