Thursday, November 02, 2006

More local election stuff 

I notice that the Humphrey Institute has published today a list of competitive MN House and Senate races. It has two local races noted: The HD15A race is called "open" between Steve Gottwalt and Diana Murphy-Podawiltz. It does not call it competitive. My instinct is to say Gottwalt, a city council member and longtime Republican activist, is ahead in that. This is the seat from which Jim Knoblach is retiring.

The second race noted is SD15, and says the race between incumbent Tarryl Clark and Jeff Johnson is "very competitive". This will be good news for the Johnson campaign which has had a money disadvantage throughout the race due to heavy out-of-district and PAC contributions to the incumbent. Clark, though, only won the seat last year in a special election in which the Republican challenger had some issues running an effective campaign, and is running in the district where she lost twice to now-Mayor Dave Kleis. A Johnson win would be a mild upset.

(Full disclosure: Mrs. Scholar works on the Johnson campaign, and she's more optimistic in her outlook than me.)