Friday, November 24, 2006

Hypocrisy of the Left 

While attending a conference in Boston last weekend, we strolled through an old section of town, a quaint neighborhood of magnificent row houses, brick sidewalks, cobblestone driveways, gas lights. For those unfamiliar with this area, it is called Beacon Hill, the bastian of Boston Brahmans, home of the blue, groupthink rich. Then we noticed something else � a preponderance of non-American cars. These owners are the same people who outwardly scream against Wal-Mart, claim they�re against moving manufacturing jobs to Mexico, espouse support for labor unions, etc. Our conclusion? Their practice of �I tell you what to think; I�ll do what I want to do�, is, classic �limousine liberal leftist logic�. (or illogic?)