Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Try reading, Mr. Clark 

A note about my letter in the Times today. Doug Clark, Tarryl's husband and cheerleader, says she never got money from Franken. Yet Franken's PAC, as I reported before, has an entry in its disbursements of $500 to Clark for Senate, sent out 16 August 2006. You could look it up, sir, if you had a mind to. If you didn't receive the check, then there's an error in Franken's filing.

As other commenters on that story note, Quam and Entenza threw $125 each to Clark on 12/2/2005. Yes, not in 2006, Doug, but it's part of her bankroll that she carried over from the special. Again, you could look it up. In fact, Randy Krebs of the Times had me send them all these links to show him what I wrote was accurate. He said he would provide links but did not. Instead he ran the letter. If what I wrote was false, would they have printed the letter after asking me for the documents?

UPDATE (1:30pm): I just spoke with Randy Krebs. The Clarks have called and asked to place a letter in response. That is of course only fair. They claim, he said, that they never saw a check from Midwest Values, and that they would have discussed whether or not to cash it if they did. Yet Franken reports the disbursement. If they wish to use their pre-primary filing of 8/28 to say they never received money, the problem is the disbursement is dated 8/16/06, so it could have missed the reporting period (perhaps the mail is slow, perhaps Midwest Values was slow to mail it out, perhaps the Clarks didn't check their mailbox ... don't know, could be.) The latest PAC check recorded on that report is 8/2; indeed only one recorded contribution appears after that date from any source.

If they don't remember the check, is it that they don't keep close eye on these things? If they are in such a rush to distance themselves from the check, are they saying Tarryl is different from Al Franken, Rob Reiner, and Barbra Streisand? If so, how? And why the dodge of the date of the Quam/Entenza contribution? Is Clark embarassed by Matt Entenza? If so, when did she decide she were embarassed? Enquiring minds want to know...