Monday, September 11, 2006

Silly boy 

When I started this blog I tried to read many of the academic blogs, and that included those of left and right. Some of them were well done (while I haven't linked a story of theirs in awhile, I still am a reader of Crooked Timber, for example) but most of them are simply not serious. Take this post from Timothy Burke on the story of Ahmadinejad's call to remove secular professors from Iran's classroom.
Now guess who wants to get all those liberals with their political bias out of the universities? ... You could change the names and this would sound like a press release from Horowitz or ACTA.
Only if you believe the following:
Erin O'Connor says Burke's post has mulitple logical fallacies. Burke replies that O'Connor is "humorless".

Might have been better to be Crooked Timber and never posted on the issue, Tim. Or just been snarky like Mr. Accent. Mr. Blumenthal was not so lucky. But I don't see any reason to take them, or you, seriously.