Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not the business babe 

I wonder if St. Cloud's Larry Schumacher reads much of Eric Black? Schumacher notes of Wetterling's absence from the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce debate yesterday:

Bachmann mentioned Wetterling's absence from several debates this campaign -- most of which have been sponsored by chamber of commerce organizations. She appears to be conceding this territory in the campaign.

Binkowski mentioned that he and Bachmann were the only two at another chamber-sponsored debate in Elk River this morning as well. The reason given for her absence was that she was campaigning on the other side of the district and could not make it back in time.

Black, however, makes quite a big deal about whether Wetterling made a specific commitment to the St. Cloud event, relating a conversation with St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce president Teresa Bohnen. Asked whether "she ever promised or committed to be there," he says she replied,
No, not really promised or committed. We�ve worked on it for four weeks. Wetterling didn�t say yes or no for three weeks. Then a week ago, scheduler called to say she probably couldn�t make it. So I asked them to reconsider. There�s been some back and forth since then. Not until this morning did I get a final answer that she wasn�t coming.
It was reported in the papers well in advance that this debate was on, and the local DFL had to have known that Wetterling was being listed as at least scheduled to appear. Assuming Bohnen's chronology is correct, should they have cancelled this event? And why is it that it's chambers of commerce that Wetterling seems to single out for missing? Is that true? I do not know, but even the rabid anti-Bachmann crowd seems to think Schumacher's take is corrrect.

Maybe Wetterling doesn't want to discuss her tax ad. And after Black did and sought out Wetterling,
Wetterling declined to be interviewed for this report.
Eric, how does it feel to be a Chamber of Commerce?