Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My new hero 

It has to be this guy, who ends up the story in this piece on how professors are using for something other than its intended purposes.

If you look up Matthew L. Julius on, you'll find this comment about the associate professor of biological sciences at St. Cloud State University:

"Dr. Julius is the single greatest instructor that has ever graced a classroom. His patience and kindess can only be truely appreciated once you've seen the raggedy and motely group of students that he lets work in his lab."

He would feel flattered, except he wrote the comment himself (and yes, the misspellings were intentional). In fact, his RateMyProfessors page is peppered with gags like that one, which he composed purely to amuse his graduate students. Mr. Julius says he and his colleagues take great sport in posting remarks about themselves and each other on the site -- so much so that it has become a medium for their inside jokes.

I bet that's a fun department. Someone just posted this on the campus discussion email list -- wasn't me! -- and it will be interesting to see how the administration responds.

Do I look at my own? Sure! And a neither smiley nor frowny face is perfect.