Friday, September 08, 2006

The MOB will keep you warm this weekend 

Criminy, it is cold outside! One place it won't be is at Keegans about 7pm tomorrow night as the Minnesota Organization of Blogs will have its (end of) Summerpalooza. More at Fraters...

And don't forget to warm up for the event by tuning in NARN, 11-5 tomorrow on AM1280 the Patriot. The Frats have Tom Barnett, who I have read and admired for quite some time. I am still waiting for delivery of the new book, but I read his Pentagon's New Map article while in Macedonia in March 2003 as the US ramped up for Iraqi Freedom. I finally read the first book this summer, and now read his blog regularly.

Michael and I are on in the last two hours and we are working on everything you want to know about the DFL Congressional District 5 primary, and we are working on another surprise guest. If we land that person, you'll read it here.