Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just so as we're clear 

I am not at all concerned that Keith Ellison liked or even still likes (should I say 'hearts'?) Louis Farrakhan. Jude Wanniski believed most of us get Farrakhan wrong, and I'm willing to abide politicians who find Farrakhan a source of inspiration. As to Kathy Soliah, well, the SLA is ancient history, and if the GOP is going to try to make that tie stick, it's fooling itself.

That's not the story Powerline has run from Joel Mowbray, however. And those who keep citing Farrakhan and Soliah as the dark blotch on Ellison's character are missing the bigger story. Can't blame them, though, when the major media choose to ignore the story. Consider yourself indicted.

BTW, the person who writes this...
No one can predict how the people of Detroit Lakes, or Tower, or Albert Lea, will respond in November to the smear merchants frantically pushing hot buttons on a candidate seeking to represent people who live hundreds of miles away from them. saying what? We bumpkins out here are too stupid to understand what this means about the DFL?