Friday, September 22, 2006

Buy the premise, buy the bit 

That's Johnny Carson's theory of joketelling. It's also my explanation for the U of M poll University of Minnesota poll which the STrib will use to validate their crappy poll. I'd like to see the survey instrument. Notice the amount of time the report spends on Iraq versus terror. 45% of interviewees said the war in Iraq was the single most important issue, versus 16% saying terrorism. Klobuchar wins 67% of the Iraq vote, Kennedy 72% of the terrorism vote. What do you want to bet the single-most-important question was asked first, to prime the pump? The order in which the questions are asked matters.

Nonetheless, even if you don't think the lead is that large, the survey the Kennedy campaign something important. It is incumbent on them,in my view, to make the connection between Iraq and the war on terror. His current strategy seems instead to focus on domestic issues; the voters are not there. He will need to go out and find them. And if that means 9/11 imagery, well then do it. Your dad's pension, Mark, is falling on deaf ears.

These ads, on the other hand, would help.