Monday, September 04, 2006

And I'm sick of the bloggers who blog 

This guy isn't very eloquent.
DFL Whip Tony Sertich of Chisholm said Democrats "are sick of the divisive issues that divide us."
As opposed to the divisive issues that unite us, I guess.

The DFL says that if they win the Legislature they would increase state spending by $530 million. In both their and DFL gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch's promises for more government largesse is a promise to lower college tuition.
Mike Hatch is making rising Minnesota college and university tuition an issue in his race for governor.

He called the increase "a tax on our next generation" during southern Minnesota stops last week. He announced a goal of rolling back tuition increases of recent years with $300 million gained from forcing foreign-owned corporation to pay taxes he says are due.

Hatch said Gov. Tim Pawlenty broke a promise made by previous governors to keep public education inexpensive.
The "tax on our next generation" argument works only if you think higher education is a right given to young people. Where that right exists in the Constitution is a mystery to me.

If Mike Hatch thinks there's $300 million due to the state in unpaid taxes, why did he not work with the Pawlenty administration to collect it rather than have us go through the egregious cigarette tax debacle? Because he wanted it as a bowl of sugar to sprinkle as a middle-class welfare program in the form of tuition cuts? Or does it exist at all?

Also in that article, don't miss the call from Education Minne$ota to put your 3-4 year olds in government schools.