Friday, August 11, 2006

Trivia challenge with Hugh Hewitt 

Chad the Elder has served notice for a trivia challenge, limited to ten teams of four. A $100 contribution to Soldiers Angels is the admission fee for the first nine teams -- bragging rights is the prize. A chance to compete against the Commish, the Generalissimo, the Forehead of Delphi and a PTBNL awaits you on August 25th beginning at 9pm.

If you snooze, you get a chance to compete by outbidding other teams for the tenth table. Now that's a solution any economist could love!

Rumor has it I may play this year for the first time. But I follow the old maxim, Better to keep one's mouth shut and have people think you can't play trivia, than to open it and mess up the Clint Eastwood question too.