Friday, August 11, 2006

The NARN empire expands 

Those of you expecting me to be on with Mitch and Ed tomorrow will be disappointed. (Thanks, Mom, I knew I could count on you.) The boys will be at the Dakota County Fair, which I think is held somewhere in Missouri. At any rate, it's a bridge too far when gas is $3.10 a gallon.

But the bigger reason why I'm holding off a week is that we are expanding NARN to six hours beginning August 19th. For a while at least, I will be hosting the 3-5pm slot. Because the fall elections coming up this November are critical to the future of Minnesota, we are creating a forum that will look primarily at state races. Given the state of the Middle East and the foiled hijacking from yesterday, Mitch and Ed and the Opening Act will have their hands full with geopolitics and the national political scene affected by them. And with Patriot Insider now a distant memory, the Patriot wanted to be sure such coverage was provided.

My co-host for those hours will be Michael Brodkorb of Minnesota Democrats Exposed. The mask now removed from the previously anonymous blog, Michael continues to provide intimate details of what is going on in Minnesota politics, details some people would rather you didn't know. His insights along with your calls and visits from political insiders this fall will keep you informed with what you need to know this November.

The Saturday lineup then, beginning August 19th, will be Hewitt replay (why not? He is after all the Commissioner!) 9-11, the Opening Act with the Fraters and John Hinderaker 11-1, Mitch and Ed at 1-3, and Michael and me at 3-5. Mark your calendars, buy a cigar and plan on taking us onto your deck for a full Saturday.

UPDATE: Michael adds, Democrats shouldn't listen while driving.