Thursday, August 03, 2006

InstaScholars? SCSUPundits? 

Prof. Banaian is back in just a few days, so I figure that now is the best time to lay out my Strategic Vision For The Future Of SCSUScholars (SVFTFOSCSUS), while he is still away and unable to do anything to stop me. >:)

I was thinking to myself about what makes a good blog -- you know, one you go to everyday for insight and information -- and I thought that the best model to use would be the Blogfather himself, Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit. Lots of people read his blog every day, in search of helpful commentary and keen insight into the world around us.

So that is the core of my SVFTFOSCSUS: Be like Instapundit.

Part One of this grand endeavor: Post about neat science stuff, like space and nanogizmos and rotarian engines and how we're not going to get old ever.

So in that vein, check this out. (And, you know, read the whole thing.) There will be a quiz later. And by "quiz" I mean a follow-up post. Enjoy!