Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to save, and why 

Joanne Jacobs writes about a neat Bronx high school program that is teaching students about bank.
The goal is to help students further their skills in banking services and to promote basic finance literacy among the wider student body. The branch will have two teller stations and two customer service desks, but to make sure that students do the work, it will have no A.T.M.
Whoever came up with this idea needs to win an award. This is a good test case, because Theodore Roosevelt HS contains the Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology, which is one of five schools in the TRHS building. But just as I recall learning about thrift by walking up some lighted stairs to a teller's window that was just for (small) kids, learning about banking in a high school where one both takes deposits and potentially could make a loan -- no word in the article if they'll do that -- would be highly educational to all the students in the school, not just those working behind the windows.