Thursday, June 01, 2006

Here at the MN GOP convention 

And, we're in.

The convention starts in about three hours, and I'm seated in the press pit watching the MPR folks set up their command post. I'm trying to send them positive vibes, though I doubt it helps. Just behind me is Michael MDE Brodkorb, and we're waiting for the Patriot people to return to get us ready for airtime at 5pm. I'm often this early to events -- a nervous traveller.

Aside the ceilings of balloons and the stage trimming of stars and bars, there isn't all that much to see just yet. Having worked setting up and taking down a small mission church every Sunday, you don't see too much different here so far. Whoa, wait! Someone just road in on an electric cherry-picker, which bobbed the driver up and down. Looked like a Camp Snoopy reject. (I tried to get a picture of it, but not much to look at.)

The convention schedule is up. We tentatively plan to visit with Hugh Hewitt at 5:34, Rep. Gil Gutknecht some time after 6:30, and we'll have Mark Kennedy's speech to the convention at 7. More as I find time and inspiration -- tune in from here.

UPDATE (4pm): Just watched some of the warm-ups, and sound checks, including the introduction for one candidate that had our jaws just drop back here. And yes, it included the Baja Men.

UPDATE (5 pm): Kennedy speech will be closer to 8pm.