Monday, June 05, 2006

Clarification on "Bloggers 3, MSM 0" 

In comments, Larry Schumacher says he didn't get an email from the GOP until Saturday morning, and he forwarded the email. The note indicated an earlier message, and Larry indicates there was a voice message Friday but he was not in. I didn't get either; I got the information from a press release emailed to me by the MN GOP office. The Times, WJON and KNSI probably got those too, but given the volume they receive it's quite possible nobody paid attention to it. There was a story that the flyaround would happen on the AP wire Thursday, but it was buried in an article.

Apparently Mankato and Rochester (but not Moorhead that I can find) got the message. One GOP official told me on Saturday that St. Cloud was the only stop where there was no press attendance.