Tuesday, May 16, 2006

U of M prof photo pilfered by Churchill? 

That's the report this morning in the Rocky Mountain News.
The photograph of a child's grave in University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill's 2004 book about Indian boarding schools jumped out at Brenda Child.

That's because Child, a member of the Red Lake Ojibwa tribe, took the picture and published it in 1998 in her own award-winning book on the same subject.

"I was surprised that was there because he's never sought my permission to use it and it appeared without my knowing that it would be in his book," said Child, a University of Minnesota faculty member in American studies.

Worse, from Child's standpoint, is the caption Churchill appended to the photograph. It said that half the children at the nation's Indian boarding schools suffered the same fate as the child whose grave is pictured in the photograph.

That figure is a "tremendous exaggeration," Child said. "That is just beyond belief."

No historian has an accurate estimate on the true number of deaths, she said.

This is part of the investigation made by the university into Churchill's academic misconduct, which at this moment has been written into a report that the administration holds. At last check (about 10 minutes ago) the report has not been released but is due any day.

Hat tip Pirate Ballerina, who also reports on a rather weird dual-tenure relationship that Churchill's wife had. She has now resigned her Colorado post. Most universities will require that someone may keep a tenured position while in a tenurable post at another institution, but once the second institution grants tenure you must resign the original post. At some places, you can't even hold the first position that long. If readers know of other examples of dual tenure arrangements, please note them in comments.

(UPDATE: Jim Paine reports that the press conference releasing the findings of the investigation will be at 2:30p MDT. Written copy due at this site in about an hour from now. Off to get lunch and then read.)