Monday, May 29, 2006

Petard hoisting failure 

The left has a natural antipathy to free market economics and its practitioners, so even when they find common ground the leftist cannot resist a cheap smack. So Matthew Yglesias challenges those who signed the economists' letter on immigration to ask for no limits to H1-B visas for economics professors and open those spots up to competition (particularly set off by this follow up editorial by Alex Tabarrok). Ilya Somin, and Jonathan Adler accept Yglesias' offer. Those folks work at more competitive institutions than SCSU, but the result is the same. Our department has hired seven faculty in five years, and none were excluded due to visas. We hire them first and then, because there's about a 4-6 month gap between the agreement to hire and the first day of work, we can work out the visa then. So I have no problem arguing to remove the H1-B visa limit, but I'm not sacrificing anything by doing so.