Tuesday, May 02, 2006

News flash: College students drink alcohol 

A review of the Duke lacrosse program conducted by finds that many are "socially irresponsible consumers of alcohol."
They have repeatedly violated the law against underage drinking. They have drunk alcohol excessively. They have disturbed their neighbors with loud music and noise, both on-campus and off-campus. They have publicly urinated both on-campus and off. They have shown disrespect for property. Both the number of team members implicated in this behavior and the number of alcohol-related incidents involving them have been excessive compared to other Duke athletic teams. Nevertheless, their conduct has not been different in character than the conduct of the typical Duke student who abuses alcohol. Their reported conduct has not involved fighting, sexual assault or harassment, or racist behavior. Moreover, even the people who have complained about their alcohol-related misconduct often add that the students are respectful and appear genuinely remorseful when they are not drinking.
In other words, they're students. And according to the report, their behavior on campus and academically has been quite good. By comparison, a local hotel desk employee told me this past weekend the rugby team had its tournament. "We were caught by surprise. Normally, we bring in security for this or we just tell them we're full."

The report goes on to blame the administration for being aware that the lacrosse team had some drinking and partying issues but turned a blind eye to it. "Indeed, after advising Coach Pressler of his team's problematic disciplinary record, the Athletic Director extended the Coach's contract for an unprecedented three years."

JB Doubtless did not return phone calls asking if he has ever played lacrosse or had been offered the coaching position.