Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Methodists against SCSU? 

The Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church has for years used SCSU as the site of its convention, including many rooms in my building. (I once had to assert my right to finish lecturing my summer class before they took possession of my classroom.) I think we've been pretty good hosts. But some of the conferees have decided to bite the hand that hosts them by offering a vote on resolution item #513:
Action: The Minnesota Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church be in conversation with St. Cloud State University about the actions it is taking to combat racism, anti-Semitism and other hate crimes on the campus.
If the Sessions Action Team members are not satisfied with their findings, they will consider other options including finding another location for the future gatherings of the Minnesota annual conference of The United Methodist Church.
If you people would only read our Insights, you'd see we've done so much. [/sarc>

If anyone wants to know how I went from being Methodist to Lutheran, you could start with this. Here are people who don't even stop to realize the fact that they are renting space from the epicenter of political correctness, and they believe their rent gives them the right to demand a conversation with the landlord about its actions to combat social ills. I'd suggest that the Administration simply mail them a letter with their "strategic plan", "accomplishments", which they are so willing to trumpet any place else, and include a 50% rent increase for 2007. We could use the money much more than another bunch of busybodies.

(h/t: reader Richard Vatsaas)