Thursday, May 25, 2006

Century College prof gets her time on air 

Karen Murdock informs me you can hear her side of the Century College/Mohammed cartoons story twice this coming weekend.
On Sunday night I will be on the program "Belahdan" ("With open arms") on Channel 17 at 10:30 pm. This is a 10-minute interview, which I taped last month out in Eden Prairie. Belahdan is a program aimed at Arab viewers.

On Monday (Memorial Day), KFAI ("Fresh air radio") will run a debate of approximately 45 minutes on the Danish cartoons. Participants are me, Farheen Hakeem (a Green party activist and would-be elected official who has called for a Muslim boycott of Century College), and Nick Sikon of the Minnesota ACLU. This debate will air at 6 pm on KFAI.
You will recall Ms. Hakeem from this post, to which Murdock responded. I absolutely want to hear that show Monday; KFAI streams if you do not live close enough to the stations.