Monday, April 10, 2006

Not like White Cloud 

Stephen Karlson reports that the University of Wisconsin has trouble getting recruiters to come to campus because the pool of graduates is insufficiently diverse. UW requires that three-quarters of its students come from a state that has a population less than 10% black and Hispanic combined. Minnesota is 3.5% black and 2.9% Hispanic in the last census.

But how well will students do, more generally? From a review of "The Toolbox Revisited".
If we are going to close gaps in preparation � and ultimately degree attainment � the provision of curriculum issue has to be addressed. The highest level of mathematics reached in high school continues to be a key marker in precollegiate momentum, with the tipping point of momentum toward a bachelor�s degree now firmly above Algebra 2.
Even of students in Minnesota who take the SAT -- which are on average the top fifth of their high school classes, since the ACT is more commonly required in the midwest -- less than 75% of them report taking beyond geometry. Scores go up when you get to trig and beyond.

And taking those courses by students of color in Minnesota just isn't happening.

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