Tuesday, February 07, 2006


There's a search helicopter that just passed my window over the Mississippi looking for SCSU missing student Scot Radel. Footsteps were found near the river last night. The city's webpage has information on Radel. Two points of note: First, he was pretty lost, as the bar he reportedly left was to the west of the place he wanted to go, but he called two blocks in the opposite direction he said, and sniffer dogs found a scent of him five blocks to the west of the bar he was leaving to go east. Second, Scot's father says the shoeprint found wasn't the same as Scot's (he was reported to be wearing Doc Martens, but that doesn't exactly narrow down the search all that much.) One of the chatters on the Times site has similar concerns and is worth reading (look for "AI" on this chat -- I believe he's an area psychologist.)

UPDATE (2/7) and bumped: Shoot, still nothing. The University has an info page.