Thursday, February 02, 2006

Here's how it would get funner 

You will forgive my demurral, but I just don't think Patty Wetterling getting back into the CD-6 race is that big a deal. It's not as if the party faithful had actually lined up behind Tinklenberg.

But here's how it would get to be fun: She wins the endorsement, and he goes on to the primary against her, moving more centrist that he is now. That would be a food fight worth watching. The people who would push Wetterling absolutely hated Janet Robert when she ran against Mark Kennedy because she was pro-life and moderately pro-Second Amendment ... pretty much where Tinklenberg is now. That's why the draft Patty campaign has taken off. But the rank-and-file DFL in the counties up Highway 10 -- Sherburne and Anoka and Stearns -- may not be as attracted to her as to Tinklenberg.

And given Patty's supposed to have broken her word, nobody will blame Ev for a primary run.

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