Tuesday, January 17, 2006

UW policy kicked down the road 

The University of Wisconsin seems intent on picking a fight.

The University of Wisconsin committee charged with making recommendations for a final, system-wide policy on whether RAs should be allowed to lead Bible studies in their dorms put out its Resident Assistant Working Group Final Report late last week. The committee�s recommendation: each school in the UW System should make the decision for itself.

This arises from the UWEC ban on RAs leading Bible studies in their dorm rooms, and while it seems to be a rather evenhanded claim, FIRE says the UW system is acting foolishly:
The Report suggests that UW�Eau Claire and UW-Madison, both of which currently
prohibit RAs from leading Bible studies in their dorms, be able to maintain their unconstitutional, repressive, and highly unpopular practices of intruding upon the personal lives and private domains of religious RAs.

I.e., they punted. If the president of the system thought he was going to get to hide behind a committee, he thought wrong.

MOBster Gary Gross has additional commentary.