Sunday, January 01, 2006

Roll those Tice 

After the show yesterday our producer said he was going to the Bears-Vikings game yesterday, hoping the Vike would lose and that this would help get Mike Tice fired. Well he was only half right. The Vikings won, but have fired Tice anyway. He was told an hour after the game according to the StarTribune report, and the only quote from owner Zygi Wilf was in the PioneerPress report (who said it was immediately after the game that Tice was told):
"After significant evaluation we feel now is the time to make a coaching change," Wilf said in a statement.
Tony Siragusa, covering the game for Fox today, said he spoke with Tice and Tice told him he had a meeting with Wilf to discuss his future with the team tomorrow morning, and that a decision would and should be made soon. If Siragusa's correct, something made Wilf move up the decision a day. Good for him: He's behaving like an owner.

UPDATE: Didn't notice Tony's post on this this morning, discussing a call he made to another radio station when Tice was on. BTW, another reason why this is good: Since Tice had a very cheap contract, letting him go probably means Wilf will have to pay more for the next coach. That should be good news to Viking fans.

UPDATE 2 (1/2, about noon): I'm just amazed by everyone's vilification of Wilf for his quick trigger on Tice. Besides what I reported earlier, that this was the most likely outcome a day later anyway, it just amazes me that people think Tice is entitled to another day's pay from a man who had decided to let him go. I appreciate the story about Tice helping a fallen soldier's family, but that's not why Wilf signed his paychecks. BTW, you simply must read Gary Gross' takedown of Sid Hartman's column this morning.