Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Newbie gets a plate at the big table 

In a rather fawning frontpage article this week in the campus newspaper regarding the election of Tarryl Clark to the state senate, we learn that she has some pull as a former DFL state associate chair.
Clark will be on two Senate committees that will have a direct impact on schools in Minnesota: the K-12 Education Policy Division and the Higher Education Policy Division. She will also be on the Jobs, Housing and Community Development Committee.

"It's rather rare for freshman legislators to be granted assignment to finance committees," said State Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson. "But Tarryl made a strong case that the St. Cloud area, with both a state university and a technical college, needed a voice in the state's higher education budget decisions."Along with education, Clark's agenda will likely fill up with a slew of other perennial issues, such as the building of a new stadium, a balanced budget and economic growth.
Why do you think it is rare? It's because these are committees from which Sen. Clark will be able to dole out pork to her constituencies (which of course includes my employer). It is no accident that the very day her committee assignments were announced, she was seen having lunch with the president and the legislative liaison of SCSU (to which I say, good for you President Saigo!) The return to pork

I would like to know why the stadium issue is in that list, though.

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