Monday, January 23, 2006

I hate the beginning of semesters 

This one has been even more goofy than the usual. So busy that I have trouble getting posts up here. If I may have your patience one more day while I get my last night class launched tonight, I'll be better tomorrow.

So busy that I won't be able to make the Center for the American Experiment's evening with Peter Schweizer. If you heard him on NARN on Saturday, you know this will be fun. Corey Miltimore, a media specialist at the Center, has a new blog and reviews the book as well.

What will I be doing instead? Running a basketball court with Littlest Scholar, except I'll be wearing stripes. For some reason the whole story spilled out of my mouth during the show Saturday, one of my crappier moments of radio. Just a couple of moments of brain freeze from what was otherwise a fun show. Captain Ed and I had a debate about whether China or Russia has Iran's back over the nuclear thing. Unsurprisingly, I'm the Russia guy. We'll lay off that for a day, let Ed soak up the Steelers win, but I'd like to get to a discussion of the Great Game politics between Russia, Iran, and the south Caucasus.

If there's another post today, I'm not as busy as I thought I'd be.