Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How not to see an economics convention 

It appears my colleagues Stephen at NIU and Phil at Mankato State Minnesota State U -- Mankato are going to be commiserating with me as people going to the AEA meetings but stuck in hotel rooms interviewing job candidates. This is the fifth year in a row I have done this (it's customary for department chairs in my department to take the job.) Here's what I wrote two years ago about what I look for in interviews. While everyone's different, I find this has been pretty good advice. See also last year's post about reference letters, what faculty at one Ph.D institution tell their job market entrants.

As always I'll see little of the market. Luckily, my parents and sibs live within an hour of Boston, so I'll get one night without having to eat with economists. Particularly in Boston, which still has the best restaurants I know.

P.S. I will try to blog while there, as there's supposed to be wifi in the hotel, again.

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