Monday, December 12, 2005

Word, brother 

Sen. Lamar Alexander:
'How many conservative speakers are invited to deliver commencement addresses? How many colleges require courses in U.S. history? How many even teach Western Civilization? ... Those are politically unacceptable topics,' the Tennessee Republican testified.

Alexander, a former U.S. Secretary of Education and former president of the University of Tennessee, said colleges need to bring in more speakers and academics 'with a different point of view from the prevailing point of view.

'I know it's the single biggest criticism I hear of higher education, because I'm always the one saying 'Let's have more money for colleges and universities,' ' Alexander said. 'The biggest thing I get thrown back in my face is, 'They're politically one-sided. Why should I support them?' '

Alexander went on to say he did not support the Academic Bill of Rights, as he favors less federal regulation of higher ed, and for the relaxation of rules on student visas which require immediate return of foreign students to their countries when they graduate.