Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why don't you dissect a red herring? 

PZ Myers still doesn't get it. Quoting a Kansas state senator on the Mirecki blow up, who said "We have to set a standard that it�s not culturally acceptable to mock Christianity in America,", the good professor says,
Everyone who was so upset at Mirecki's rhetorical comment that teaching ID as mythology would be a slap in the face to the fundies�how many of you have put half as much energy into damning the threat to free speech and the palpable theocratic oppressiveness of that particular statement, hmmm? Do you think we'll see Brownlee hounded by the public, harrassed and shamed, abandoned by her colleagues, and resigning from her position sometime in the near future?

I encourage everyone to mock Christianity freely. You can mock atheism, too, if you want.
One's a politician, one's a professor. One is speaking to the public she represents, the other is speaking of how to use (read:abuse) his responsibilities with students with whom he is entrusted. Only in the mindset of the anointed are the responsibilities of those two professions equivalent.

Professor Mirecki is still a professor -- his resignation is from the chairmanship. Thus he still has responsibilities to his students in his classes. I hope this experience instructs him of those responsibilities. It might even instruct PZ, some day.