Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Reardon's side 

Newsday reports that Jeff Reardon, who was arrested earlier in the day for allegedly robbing a jewelry store, was under the influence of depression medication.
Reardon has fallen on hard times in recent years, apparently beginning with the death of his 20-year-old son in February 2004 because of what Beers called a drug overdose.

Beers said Reardon, in addition to being on medication for depression, underwent a heart angioplasty last week.

"He asked me to apologize to his fans and friends," Beers said. "This bizarre incident is completely uncharacteristic of Jeff Reardon."
From the Palm Beach Post, he told this to the police rather quickly after arrest:

Reardon made off with $170 but was followed outside by the store manager, according to an arrest report. In the mall parking lot, a Palm Beach Gardens police officer stopped him and placed him under arrest.

Police say Reardon admitted, "I am taking medication and am sorry for what happened." He added: "I completely lost my mind and tried to rob (a) jewelry store. I flipped on my medications and didn't realize what I was doing," according to an arrest report.

One sixth of the public takes antidepressants and most of them are not knocking over jewelry stores. But I feel bad for the guy. I wonder if there's any way the meds for his depression and anything he'd take for angioplasty would mix to create this reaction?