Monday, December 19, 2005

Next time, come away! 

Steve Gigl noted to me after the MOB Blogger Bash that we needed smaller gatherings to meet everyone. There had to be over 80 people at this event Saturday night (see Ben for details.) Indeed, there were too many people for me to see, and given my long drive home too little beer for me to drink (even at a zero price, thank you Mr. Keegan!)

Well, that's why we do the Road Show! Last year's event was a very manageable 27, and several people who came to that were not able to make it to the Cities (though Psycmeistr would not be denied.) Cathy and I talked about this, and we need to do another one this spring. Duluth and Mankato are in the hunt. Are you in Rochester blogging? Moorhead? Marshall? Let us know, and let's see if we can put you in the hunt for the next road gig.

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UPDATE: Who knew he was a lawyer? I will tell you what -- he may not look good in chaps, but he has the nose of an Armenian. We hereinafter will refer to him as Learned Footyan.