Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mom in for daughter 

Psycmeistr reports that Kay Ek, mother of former GOP nominee Sue Ek, has announced her candidacy for the House District 15B seat that her daughter was running for until yesterday.
Kay Ek has held a number of leadership positions in the Pro-Life movement, and is currently a member of the advisory committee on the U.S. Council of Bishops.

In other words, she has the same credibility as her daughter, but a better address.

UPDATE: It's confirmed.

The mother of a disqualified state House candidate will run in a special election in the St. Cloud area, a state Republican Party official said Tuesday.

Kay Ek will step in for daughter Sue a day after the state Supreme Court ordered her removed from the ballot after determining she hadn't established official residency in the district.

GOP spokesman Mark Drake said party chairman Ron Carey planned a morning news conference to discuss Kay Ek's decision to run. She first disclosed the decision on St. Cloud Radio station KNSI-AM.

Andy has the press release from the state GOP.

UPDATE 2: She'll be a write-in, as the law isn't going to permit her to be placed on the ballot. I love the imagery of this article from the Times this afternoon.
Kay Ek said Republican delegates picked her Monday night. Campaign supporters came to her door at 10:30 p.m. Monday, woke her up and asked her to run.
Picture a bunch of people outside your house late night, coming to the door in your bathrobe and being asked if you'll run for the legislature. Did they stand around outside and hold signs and flashlights? Seems like I saw this in movies of 19th century politicians.