Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I should get out more 

Of the twenty most-blogged-about books according to the New York Times, I've read six this year and four others prior to 2005. Tipping Point is at the top of the pile right now (I enjoyed Blink greatly), and Kurzweil is down there somewhere. (h/t: Monsieur le Bumble.)

I finally watched (on Christmas Eve afternoon, no less), Fred Barnes' interview of Thomas Sowell. As much as I love Sowell's writing, I had the impression he would be rather arrogant. He's not. If you can watch it some time, do so. If you can make me a tape of it, I'd use it.

I had no idea Edward Castronova would become so famous for studying online universes. I should have played more games and blogged less. (Mrs. S would agree.)