Thursday, December 01, 2005

I didn't ask for this war... 

...but, by God, if Hugh wants to bring it, war we'll have.

You'd think a lawyer would understand property law. If Eyechart is holding up the Sox for the ball by asking an extreme amount, putting the possibility of legal fees in his face is how you get the ball back. I don't know what swift legal maneuvers Hugh uses to deal with a hold-up problem, but I believe filing suit is in the trick bag.

Crappy PR move? Sure it is, but these are the people who sent away Theo Epstein because the others in the organization couldn't stand him getting all the positive press. These are the people who decide the best way to peddle off an exorbitant contract is to offer him to another team for their best player. (You like Manny, Hugh? You can have him back for Sabathia and Broussard.) The front office is a mess. A giant mess.

But Hugh decides to smear the entire Red Sox Nation, including his own blood relatives, for the actions of the front office over the one thing where we have a greedy organization suing a greedy player? Take a look at the discussion of these fans and tell me why they should be painted with the same brush.

Last time the Indians won the World Series was when, again? Didn't you guys used to have Bartolo Colon? Last I heard from Peeps, Bart was doing pretty well.

Win a championship, Hugh, and then we'll talk, 'kay?