Thursday, December 08, 2005

And now, about that survey 

The SCSU survey is a center run here by three political scientists, and they are working on their fall results now. Some preliminary results are up, and you should scroll down that link to the PowerPoint slides to see the information in a readable format. (Hopefully the data will be reformatted on the page later.) The news article makes much of the feelings thermometer, but what caught my eye was the "most important issue" question.

1 Education 18%
2 Taxes 12%
3 Health 9%
4 Budget deficit %8
5 Politicians/politics/legislators 5%

What we're hearing from area business leaders is that health is far and away the #1 topic, with taxes and education well behind. And transportation is not on the radar (Northstar says hi!)

There's plenty more in that survey, so go dig around the slides and read.