Monday, May 30, 2005

Would you want your spouse to blog? 

I would. Since our MOB Road Show two weekends ago, Mrs. Scholar has been quite interested in the goings-on of MOB, NARN, etc. I can't get her to contact the M.A.W.B. Squad yet, one of whom invited her to contribute there. But she would like us all to know she plays piano. She is one of the music leaders of our church (I am the singer, but I just sing what she says and there's no doubt who runs the band when she's at the keys), and an early date was us playing Canon in D by Pachalbel, me on the violin. This was stopped when Mrs. S realized that accompanying a violinist means really accompanying, rather than trading fours. Two hams, one spotlight: It's amazing we've been married so long.

But really, she would be a great writer. She is the funnier one of the couple, and she reads entirely different things than I do. The blogosphere is a big enough stage for us both. And maybe I could get to Keegans more often if she was part of the group.*

So if you would like Mrs. S to write or play, give her a shout. Her contact info is in the piano link. Who knows, maybe we'll put mp3s of her playing up here!

*And actually, we could use more spousebloggers in MOB. And kidbloggers! (Note to Night Writer: You've got a Day Writer in waiting.)