Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sunlight blocked in Guilford County 

It's interesting that when you try to discuss what happens in manadatory diversity training, they don't want you to know.
The Guilford County Schools invited the public to attend an anti-racism workshop held for teachers, parents and community leaders last week, but refused to allow a reporter to stay in the room once he was identified as such.

In fact, Crossroads Ministry, who held the seminar, has such clout that the second day, a reporter was thrown out after Guilford County School Superintendent Terry Grier had given permission for him to attend.
Notice: they were invited to attend, but not to tell the non-attendees what they saw. David Beito, who sent me this link, has some of what happened inside and considers it "appalling". This description, of true, is far worse than anything we experienced in our MDT.