Wednesday, May 18, 2005

...aaaaand, we're back 

Took a little longer than I thought, and tonight was choir practice night, but I am finally done with the second piece. Shipped and in the co-author's court at least until Monday.

One of the weird things about SCSU is that chairs only get additional pay if they teach a summer class, which the university assures them they can teach (it's usually considered a plum and is competitively provided in many departments.) I often have wondered if I could teach a class that got three students without harming the department's allocation the following year, as it depends on how many students we get. But what I do instead is a three week intensive intro course for people who want to learn econ but don't expect to take more than one class in their lifetimes. I say, give me 12 mornings, and I'll give you a class. That starts Monday, so it's going to goof up my normal schedule. Expect posts later in the day through early June.

And with that, here comes today's offerings.